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TEL: 0512-8187336
Bus leasing

an enterprise shuttle Shuttle employees to and from work, usually there is a fixed time and route.

primarily for the convenience of employees to and from work. Generally consists mainly of large passenger cars. There are small vans, cars, and so on. Driving with more than 19 seats the driver of a vehicle must be in possession of A1 (bus) driver's license, as well as license. Drive 7, the driver must be in possession of more than 19 seats B1 (medium bus) driver's license.

business meetings and conventions

drivers familiar with the road, high quality, good attitude, complete all kinds of cars, renting of the Conference, according to its size reasonable arrangements for convoys, high middle and low car, complete all kinds of vehicles. Full service for you.

Spring Home Tours

Spring Festival is close to liberty. Meet spring, worried. Tickets bought, on the sad sad.

Suzhou lucky wind rent a car offers this service, dedicated to serve you.

Charter benefits: worry less about departure times, Miss without having to worry about traffic to the station. Don't worry about hard ... Come on, villagers or friends car home, share a comfortable journey home.

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