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Automakers monopoly Japan car rental market

Japan car rental business is common in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, subway, trolley buses have replaced cars become the main means of transportation. When so many people using the car always prefer cost-effective car hire companies.

Japan car rental basically achieved with civil aviation, railways, subways, buses and other transport systems seamlessly, very convenient. Japan car rental lots are car manufacturers, such as Toyota rent a car, Honda car, Nissan car, there are also several specialized in car rental companies, for example, Nippo, OTS, etc. Car rental store, users vehicles cover everything, from cars, vans, trucks, sports cars, saloon car. Japan Internet car rental very convenient, Japan largest Rakuten shopping special Lotto rental page. Japan car rental according to the hour, minimum rental time is 3 hours, costs 12,000 yen (about 900), also with models of course-specific costs, leasing time combined.

now Japan car rental market in boom times, this is the Japan domestic market saturation caused by Japanese automotive consumer attitudes becoming more pragmatic. The 70 's of the last century, Japanese cars, a family of four, each a car everywhere, slow development of the car rental industry. The 90 's of the last century, Japan Auto market saturation, new cars continued weakness in consumer demand, car rental industry is booming. In addition, help and guide government policies also played a very big role, Japan Government advocated national construction "economical, environmentally-friendly" societies, car rental excise taxes classified as "investment promotion system" and let rental enjoy concessionary tax rates, contributed to the development of the car rental industry. And the concept of environmental protection and other people, was shifted from buying by Japanese's choice of car rental. Japan sought after young man from the car, go to the new electronic products.

of course, Japan car rental market also has some problems. The car hire company's own pricing, regulatory, and market as a whole is not standard. With Toyota cars Toyota rental price and Honda leasing shops is not the same. In addition, because Japanese tram, Metro, as the main means of transport, car rental not too many times, mostly in long-distance travel, their car breaks down, when it is used.


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