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China's car market poised

Rule blocking, restrictions, high oil prices, parking, after China's car industry has experienced rapid development, problems are emerging from cars. However, in this difficult to buy a car, car environment with limited mobility, is ushering in China's car rental market opportunity. Industry insiders believe, China's car rental market is in the early stage of explosive growth, car rental will become a new mode of Chinese automobile consumption, people rent a car will become increasingly popular and convenient.

"now rent a car much more convenient than before. "Editorial Director Zhou Xin of the bikers in his experience tells a newspaper reporter, he went to Guangzhou by the end of last year before the trip, first search through the network in Beijing, found a website done in a sophisticated car rental company in Zhejiang Province, call the customer service phone, tell each other after service and professional standards are good, just register online and reserve. After arriving in Guangzhou, he went straight to the company store, paid 3000 Yuan in cash, produced after the ID card and driver's license, took the car and drove off. It is said, used to the car rent procedures are very complicated, not only depends on the ID card, driver's license, and account books and hefty deposits and "must also be a member, non-member to rent."

"China's car rental market environment compared with a few years ago there have been three major changes. "The General Manager of a car rental company in Guangzhou said in a interview with the reporter for global times, one is the car culture and gradually formed stimulating rapid development of leasing market. More people own cars, car hire more people in the future, because these people are used to driving, no car out of town on business or tourism will be very inconvenient. Second, changes in the economic environment, people had money, rent a shift from a luxury for ordinary consumer goods. Credit cards also help rental companies a lot. Relying on a banking qualification approval, greatly improve the efficiency and security of property of the leasing company. Third, the regulations continue to sound. Prior to 2007, rental car companies under a taxi management, must be approval by the passenger transport authority to receive operating qualifications, national company each city to apply for a licence. After 2007 the law was repealed. Property law also protects the security of leasing assets. Based on the above three changes, auto leasing industry development in China's current economic environment, and road conditions have been met, is in the early stage of explosive growth, and soon will usher in a burst of growth. Just the lack of genuine integrity, standardized operation of the large companies, industry structure is not mature yet, people not familiar about this line.

cloud car rental limited liability company Managing Director Mr LAU told the newspaper reporters, national bus reform and big cities such Beijing rule blocking, and the purchase policy introduced, as well as rising oil prices and downtown parking fees, leasing units and individuals continues to grow. Foreign-invested enterprises, domestic enterprises and institutions, national car unit and the Beijing Office of car demand, for rental companies to provide a stable customer base. Rental holidays in the form of travel, business, Conference, reception, remote vehicles and so on.

as traffic the second solution, developed countries in Europe and America, the leasing company has more than half of the vehicles used for transport. Airports, train stations, subways are equipped with car rental companies such as car parks or docking station, consumers can easily rent a car. But in our country, which has not been formed. Chen Tao believes that Chinese people, car consumption hasn't really formed. At present, scattered rent-oriented company in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea and China is mainly medium-and long-term leases.

it is understood that until the end of 2010 rental cars has more than 100,000 vehicles in China. Car rental companies have registered in Beijing alone more than 300 enterprises. Mr Liu believes that this is not a good thing, because the threshold is too low, many small companies only know that the pursuit of short-term profit, work is not standard, affected the healthy development of the industry as a whole. Zhou Xin believes that currently in Chinese car rental daily rates a bit higher, and different car not too conveniently. China's car rental industry's potential is far from developed, it is not only the extension of the public transit system, is even more important for future tourism drive. 5-10 years in the future is an important period for the development of China's car rental industry. To further accelerate the process of urbanization, driving skill widely available, car rental demand is very strong.


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