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Increase in private cars, car rental to go

Currently there are 46 registered working in Rugao City car rental companies, such as City area has 20. Today, known as a "sunrise industry" car rental industry is facing serious challenges: car rental companies is small in scale, and poor management; increasing market share of private cars, "spoiler" cake of General Motors. Facing internal and external problems, and car rentals on the future development of the industry go from here?

increase in private car

car rental companies are injured

Xinhua learned from the DMV, in 2009 the city population was 45,146 cars 2010 60,300 vehicles, an increase of 33.6%. From 1 September this year the city's cars for 72,592, than last year's total of 12,292. Zhu Jiangao, DMV Director, said: "increasing vehicles are mostly private cars. ”

"more and more people now have private cars, we all drove their car, who rent? ", Manager of a car rental company's application, I reluctantly said. Application Manager's car rental company was established in June 2010, only 12 cars for rent at present entire company. "In fact, Rugao car rental companies are mostly small, only more than 10 vehicles in General. "Application Manager, said this year compared to last year, the entire rental market significantly" shrink "," holiday business is good, national day car rent out all of this year, but usually a dismal lot, car renting out. "It is understood that the city's rental market is divided into cars three most, public, private, personal leasing with medium and low-grade cars, is the rental market in major consumer groups. Increase in private cars, the hardest part is personal leasing the car rental market.

private link

car rental market is awkward

"our cars are the company's unified purchase, absolutely no private cars. "When asked by reporters whether there is a private car when linked, Manager of a car rental company's land. In an interview, there are car rental company boss said to reporters, the city's rental market there were still many cars affiliated car rental companies. "The vast majority of our company is its own procurement of vehicles, but sometimes I have acquaintances, friends of affiliated companies of private cars. "The Manager of a car rental company saying," there are still some smaller rental car companies, almost all private cars. ”

Zhu Jiangao, said legal provisions without licensed vehicles for road transport shall not be engaged in road transport operators. Private affiliated car rental company has been operating the vehicle, which is not allowed. Both the premiums payable, depreciation, gold is different. 15 private cars scrapped and trading must be forced to scrap vehicles 8 years, Zhu Jiangao, said: "security is not guaranteed, claims the accident prone to dispute. ”

mutual building integrity

strengthened management is critical

"the car rental industry is characterized by high risk, high investment and low returns. "During the interview, many car rental, rental car company bosses said the risk is difficult to predict. "We are only for local car rental, meeting a liar. "A car rental company's land Manager, said local car rental car rental formalities only need to produce their identity cards, driver's licenses can be. General Santana mid-range cars pay a deposit of 1400 Yuan, deposit of 2000 to 3000 Yuan, and rents about 300 yuan a day. Land Manager, said: "trading is based on good faith on both sides, once heard fellow car rented by the customer after the mortgage to another person, we don't take any chances. "Have the car rental experience of Mr Gu said that, the car rental company after an accident compensation is different, he said:" prices are not uniform rental market is a mess, and worries that she cheated. ”

in the interview, rental car companies expressed the hope that the relevant departments can more consolidation, regulating the rental market, and create a good business environment for the car rental market. While transport sector also appealed to the various car rental companies to strengthen their management, eliminate the phenomenon of private affiliated car rental companies.


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