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Car hire illegal margin payments? Consumers should pay attention to avoid risks

"11 holiday rent a car to go out to play, when you return the car, car rental companies have to buckle me 1000 Yuan, saying it was in violation of security, back to us later. "This two-day, public car found, leasing companies charge to their" illegal margin ", Ms Zhang wondered, haven't heard of rent a car or to pay before" illegal margin "argument.

car rental thousand illegal margin payments

yesterday, the reporter consulted in Shenyang several car rental companies found, car rental industry now requires drivers to pay "illegal deposit" amount ranges from 500 to 1000 Yuan.

tie XI of a car rental company staff told reporters: "11 holiday rental to pay 20,000 yuan deposit, rent a car, the company will refund 19000 Yuan, remaining illegal deposit of 1000 dollars, 45 days before returning. During this period if you received the notice of violation, a fine of as much as how many, the rest of the back rent. ”

another staff member, a leasing company, told reporters: "rent a car, the company will cover illegal deposit of 500 Yuan a month has no record of violations, money they can recover, if drivers don't have time, we can also directly assign the money to his account. ”

receive to reduce the violation

for charged "illegal margin" a thing, rental company of King Manager helpless to said: "past taxi only charged deposit, if also car Shi vehicles no damaged, is full returned deposit, but most rent out of vehicles will in also car soon Hou, found traffic management sector announced out of illegal records, general situation Xia, rental company will save rental agreement and the car rental who of ID and license copies a time, if received illegal notification Hou, is notification car rental people to traffic management sector accept processing, However, many customers also avoided disappear after the car, leasing company will have to pay the fine on behalf of customers. ”

"generally a week or at least half a month will have records of illegal online, rent a day one hundred or two hundred, but violation fines exceeding. "Wang said, the company used to have a vehicle rented, a maximum of 5 violations occurred. Illegal margin if not charged, many customers would have no compunction in violation of.

consumers should pay attention to avoid risks

"illegal deposit of 1000 dollars don't come back?" For drivers that concern. Industry recommends that customers choose regular leasing company, "unless the company went belly up, or don't want to do it, or not happen. ”

rental car companies charging "illegal deposit" practice is reasonable? for this reporter consulted Li Liwei Liaoning Shen Yang law firm lawyers. Li believes that car rental companies take this approach but out of risk of the entire car rental companies, and consumers need with car rental companies signed agreements on illegal margin note margin rules.

as for consumers on how to avoid risks, Li said: "the key is agreed to pay in the contract, pay the amount of time, this amount of functions, under what conditions money and under what conditions to return in full the content. ”


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