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Urban traffic suffered major car rental or carry the burden breathing

11 golden week holiday peak test of city traffic in China has brought about tremendous travel, has not only become one of the city's case, rising to national issues. From the North of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other large cities to two or three cities, and major tourism cities, transportation is a major problem, whether the local transportation system of the city or the regional road between the city structure, Nandi surge in number, transfer and ticket has become a main topic during 11. Ultimately, the traffic development can't keep up with the scale of urban expansion brought traffic situation awkward, but it also promotes the car heat wave set off.

in fact, the heat wave had began 11 years ago ready to sprout, and has been during the golden week period presents a new ' scene, brings in the awkward situation of survival. I visited a number of rental car found 11 issues of several major car rental companies have refreshed the historical rental records, EHI, and the key cities of car rental rates are close to saturation, except there should be alternate vehicles, various types of vehicle leasing, other rental companies also experienced a similar situation. The emerging industry is still unable to cope with the heavy traffic, but will play in the future.

environment: traffic load brought car rental prospects

in view of the current traffic situation, rent a car trip is bound to be effective ways to relieve traffic pressure in the future. With the development of economy cars for most families, it is possible, but the real conditions of traffic conditions do not allow all of the family car, rent a car as a new concept of consumption and how they will spend the next alternative buyers, as the United States, rent a car has become a daily common behavior.

Chinese how to accommodate so many private cars less, United States has 200 million private cars may reach 300 million population, if China's penetration to reach United States the level of car ownership in China will be about 9 to 1 billion or so, but the reality is that at present only 70 million units of motor vehicles in China, many cities had been overwhelmed by traffic, parking, pollution is a serious problem. Reach United States penetration rate, then the whole social environment will be unbearable. Therefore, car rental this sharing model will become an important mode of travel in the future, but also means effective to relieve traffic pressure.

settled in such a situation, the domestic car rental industry is about to usher in a new stage of development. With the current car rental businesses and the number of vehicles in China, is still in its infancy stage, greater development space will speed along with the rapid expansion of the city's expansion, a new Sun industrial chain.

small horizons: users to improve the quality of life through car rental

When you visit found that leasing users, car rental is not just problem-solving approach, it is a quest for quality of life.

not purchase does not mean drive, not private does not mean unable to enjoy convenient travel, car rental industry's development, was joined by a growing number of car-free in the drive. Systematization and specialization of the particular car rental model, to provide users with a more convenient and user-friendly services, rent a car began as convenient and easy as a private and comfortable.

many car users said, are achieved through car rental self drive tours, easy travel becomes possible, travel is more convenient and free, is the embodiment of life quality improvement.

it can be said that users such positive attitudes towards car rental for the car rental industry's domestic development opened up a good lead, also laid a strong user base, at the same time, for travel ideas and changes in consumption also has a role in promoting.

car rental Tip: user car rental not blindly select

in view of the development of the car rental industry and people's enthusiasm for car rental, rent a wave a wave after wave came, but as car rental stand, widespread blind users rent phenomenon.

from Guangzhou car rental officials said, because many consumers to rent a car are not sufficiently aware, making it difficult to rational treatment, especially on the model selection, and vulnerable to price and the impact of stereotypes ... Therefore, the car rental company in Guangzhou prompted, you first need to know the purpose of their rental car before the car rental, and according to the specific purpose and form to select the appropriate model, such as a remote outskirts of self-driving tour performance SUV is a good choice, and suburban swim economy vehicles may be more appropriate. In addition, in front of the car due to master some of the basic vehicle maintenance knowledge is also key, you can quickly fix some minor issues on the road, to travel plans run smoothly.

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